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Hermon, Maine

Maine Cedar Kindling, LLC

Jeff and Aleshia Figgins own and operate Maine Cedar Kindling out of their home in Maine. Being perfectly situated near Dow’s Eastern White Shingles we are able to supply some of the best cedar kindling and cedar hair on the market while reducing the carbon footprint by using a bi-product of a bi--product. The cedar trees that are used in our products are Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) and are locally grown and harvested in Maine.

More About Us...

Jeff is a licensed massage therapist in Maine and has owned his own business for the past 27 years, specializing in only therapeutic deep tissue bodywork. Aleshia, Jeff’s wife, has been a dental hygienist for 36 years. For the past 6 years Aleshia has owned her own independent practicing dental hygienist practice in Maine. Not being people who sit still for very long, and like the saying goes “If you rest, you rust” we both started looking for a new venture to do when we start to slow down in our current jobs.

Maine Cedar Kindling LLC started as a dream in the wee hours of the morning, and then was acted on to form our company selling cedar products that everyone can use and enjoy. We both recalled having a client who owns a cedar shingle mill, Dow’s Eastern White Cedar Shingles. The morning progressed and we contacted Jeff Dow Jr., the owner of Dow’s Eastern White Cedar Shingles, to discuss our business plan and take a tour of his saw mill. He showed us the bi-products of producing the shingles, which are shipped and used as biofuel in some mills, in and out of the state of Maine. Other uses of these bi-products are again trucked out of state to companies to make cedar bark mulch for flowers and gardens, which serves as a natural bug repellant as most bugs do not care for the cedar scent, along with bedding for animals.

This is when we realized we could produce other products from this bi-product, thus reducing the carbon footprint even smaller by recycling the waste one more time into Maine cedar kindling.

The saw mill starts with a cedar log that is cut several times to make the correct length of a shingle. Each shingle is then "trimmed" producing a square edge on each side, thus producing two edgings. These edgings fall onto a conveyor belt underneath the shingle machines, which empties onto a second conveyor belt bringing it to a waste pile outside the mill. We gather the edgings in totes to transport them to the home of Maine Cedar Kindling, LLC and place them onto racks for further air-drying inside. Once dried we then package and ship out our cedar products throughout the United States.

We hope you get many hours of enjoyment from our organic Maine cedar products!

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